Group BREAK! SSV Box + 36x Vivid Voltage Packs

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This group BREAK includes 36x Vivid Voltage blister packs, and 10x Shiny Star V booster packs.

You are purchasing a slot in a group BREAK!

The next group break day is Monday or Tuesday January 11th or 12th at 1pm est. If all spots are filled before the scheduled time then the next closest stream we will do the break!

This will not be completed until all 10 slots have been filled. If the 10 spots are not filled by the next group break day they will be opened on the following group break day.

Each participant will be randomly assigned ONE of 10 Card Types!

Types will be assigned randomly BEFORE any product is opened.

Description: We open all of the packs in the break and each person in the break is assigned a random type prior to opening packs. You take all the hits from your assigned type. We keep bulk and you can buy multiple slots.

We keep the online code, energy, and common/uncommon cards then send you everything else such as rares, holos, reverse holos, and ultra rares. (We send you all the good stuff).